As part of a series of school holiday activities Stapleford Granary returned to hosting another "Discovery Day" this time with the historic theme of the Second World War. On the 22nd and 23rd of February our Orchard Room at Stapleford Granary was decorated and filled with artefacts and objects that depicted and displayed life during the Second World War, particularly the year 1940.


Guided by three volunteer reenactors, almost 200 children and their guardians were transported back in time to experience a hands-on and immersive history of topics such as rationing, the evacuation of children and conscription during the Second World War.


The Fen Tigers Living History Group is a group of East Anglia based reenactors and living history enthusiasts who educate people through hands-on and informative displays of life for the British soldiers of the Cambridgeshire Regiment and the people of East Anglia at home. Their displays include demonstrations and talks utilising authentic uniforms and original objects aswell as immersive experiences.


During half-term the Fen Tigers brought a selection of items from their collection to display in our Orchard Room. Dressed in authentic period dress the reenactors welcomed children and their guardians to move around the space and touch and hold items including original gasmasks, telephones and equipment. The children enjoyed a feast for the senses including the terrible scent of 1940s toothpaste and the feel of itchy wool soldier's uniforms.


Orchard Room

 The Orchard Room was transformed with a myriad of items from the Second World War


Reenactors with guests

 The reenactors, in period dress, discussed all elements of life in 1940 with almost 200 people across the two days of timeslots