Our site at Stapleford Granary is part of the river Granta chalk stream eco-system in South Cambridgeshire. With rising concern about the quality of the UK’s rivers and streams, we want to ensure that we are properly protecting and managing our fragment of this fragile habitat. The course of a brook (originally a meander of the river Granta which borders our orchard) had, through drought and up-stream over-abstraction of water, become little more than an overgrown boggy ditch.


In December 2023, after taking advice from conservationists, we cleared overgrowth that was choking the brook and preventing essential light from reaching any water. Already, the heavy winter rainfall and the replenishment of the chalk aquifers has brought the brook back to life with clear water filling both the brook itself and also the historic Granary cart wash behind the stable block.


During 2024, we will continue work with experts in conservation and environmentalists who specialise in chalk stream eco-systems to develop an appropriate plan to protect and manage the site.


Chalk Stream February 2024

The banks of the Granary brook have been cleared to allow light into the water


Chalk Stream February 2024The Granary’s historic cart wash is being restored. The photo shows the cart wash in spring 2024 after some initial clearance of overgrowth.